What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property?

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property

 Trees are beautiful and majestic, but they can also be dangerous. If a tree falls on your property, it can cause significant damage to the structure of your home or business as well as pose potential safety hazards. It’s important to act quickly and safely when a tree falls in order to minimize the damage and keep yourself safe. 

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property? Step By Step

If a tree falls onto your property, you’ll have to act quickly. The first think should be to clear the area immediately and ensure that no one is injured. Next, contact your insurance provider for coverage information on the damages, if applicable. Finally, enlist the help of experienced tree care services like us who have the proper knowledge and equipment to handle removal and cleanup. With our help, we can expertly remove any debris, prune away damaged branches, and assess potential hazards surrounding the situation.

Safety Measures 

The first thing you should do when a tree falls is take steps to ensure everyone’s safety. If someone was injured by the falling tree, call 911 immediately. You should also restrict access to the area until professionals arrive and assess the situation. It’s also important that you don’t attempt to move or remove any part of the tree until it has been assessed by an expert. 

Assessing The Damage 

Once it’s determined that everyone is safe, then it’s time to assess the damage done by the fallen tree. Take photos of the area for insurance purposes and document any visible damages done to structures such as roofs, walls, windows, etc., as well as any item that may have been damaged by debris from the fallen tree.  

Removing The Tree 

Once it is determined that there are no safety risks associated with removing the fallen tree from your property, then you should contact a qualified arborist or tree service company who can safely remove it for you. Make sure that you choose an experienced company with proper licenses and insurance coverage so that they can get rid of your fallen trees quickly and safely while minimizing further damage caused by improper removal techniques. 

Cleanup And Disposal     

Once all of the debris has been removed from your property, it must be disposed of properly. A reputable arborist or tree services company will have their own disposal methods in place so that they can dispose of all debris in accordance with local regulations and environmental laws.   

Insurance Considerations    

Finally, if your homeowner’s insurance covers trees falling onto your property due to natural causes such as storms or strong winds, contact them immediately about filing a claim for damages caused by the fallen trees on your property so you can get reimbursed for any repair costs incurred from cleaning up after them. 


Trees can be dangerous if they fall onto your property but knowing what steps to take when this happens can help minimize further damage. Be sure to take proper safety precautions first before assessing any damages and calling on professional help for removal and cleanup services so that everything is taken care of efficiently and properly with minimal disruption to your life or business operations. Best Tree Care Services is here for all of your residential and commercial needs.

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