How do I get rid of a tree near my house?

How do I get rid of a tree near my house

It can be a concern if you’ve noticed a tree growing too close to your house. You may worry about the potential damage caused by the root system or the tree’s limbs. However, before you decide to remove it, there are several things you should consider first. 

How do I get rid of a tree near my house?

If you’re faced with deciding how to remove a tree near your house, you aren’t alone. Trees can create beautiful landscapes while providing shade and privacy—until they start causing damage or becoming hazardous. Knowing how to safely and effectively remove a tree is crucial for protecting your home while keeping it looking its best.

Assessing the Tree

The first step is to assess the tree itself. It’s important to properly identify what type of tree it is and where it’s located within your house. Knowing this information will help you determine whether or not it should be removed and how big of an area needs to be cleared around it. Additionally, you should evaluate its health and stability. Is there any rot on the trunk? Are any branches dead or diseased? Does the tree have a strong enough root system to support its weight? All these questions are important when considering whether or not to remove a tree near your house.

Safety Precautions

Once you’ve evaluated the tree and determined that removal is necessary, take some safety precautions before starting any DIY tree removal project. Make sure no power lines are nearby, and always wear protective gear, including gloves, eye protection, long sleeves and pants, and steel-toe boots when working with chainsaws or other tools used to cut down trees. Additionally, ensure that all family members (including pets) are clear of the area before beginning work, as falling branches can cause serious injury if anyone gets too close.

DIY Tree Removal

If you choose to do the job yourself instead of hiring professional arborists from our best tree care service, keep in mind that removing trees is dangerous work and requires specialized equipment such as ropes, ladders, chainsaws, etc., so only attempt this project if you have prior experience working with tools like these safely. Begin by cutting off low-hanging branches so they don’t get tangled up as they fall. Then cut through the trunk at an angle until it falls into an open area away from your home or other structures on your property. Be aware of any people or animals nearby while cutting down the tree since branches may fly off unexpectedly. Finally, once all debris has been removed from your property, fill in any holes left over with soil and grass seed if necessary for aesthetic purposes.

Alternatives To Tree Removal

Finally, before removing a near-home tree, consider alternative solutions such as pruning back certain branches or using root barriers between them and your home foundation walls (if applicable). Working with an experienced arborist from Our Services can help determine what would be most suitable for your particular situation since everyone’s circumstances are different when dealing with large trees near their homes!


Removing trees near your house can be risky even for those with prior experience working with tools like chainsaws safely; however, sometimes it’s necessary to do due diligence when assessing potential risks posed by large trees growing too close for comfort. We recommend consulting an experienced arborist like us before doing anything drastic like completely removing one – We suggest alternative solutions, such as pruning back certain branches or using root barriers between them & your home’s foundation walls which might save both time & money.

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